not yet! The popular “Rakupan” never stops

It goes without saying that it's easy to wear. Furthermore, LEON's idea of ​​``Rakupan'' is that it's easy to style. This time, we will introduce three easy breads that are both comfortable and summery.

The latest cargo pants are from White Mountaineering.

White Mountaineering, a sporty city guy with an old man's perspective, is a pair of cargo pants with iconic large pockets. It also has a gently tapered line for an elegant silhouette. Naturally, it has excellent stretch and is very comfortable!

“The Chino Revived” stretch pants that are comfortable in all directions

The drawcord type has excellent stretch and is made of highly breathable mesh material. And when you add in the beautiful tapered lines that the brand specializes in, which has been thoroughly researched into the Japanese leg shape, you've got pants that are comfortable and popular in all directions.

If you want a mischievous look, try PMDS jersey denim.

Introducing the new 5-pocket jersey denim from PMDS, which has a casual street feel and has good color fading. With its Italian mischievous feel and beautiful lines, it's a great choice for fun and attractive denim for older men.

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