The iconic star of "All Star Cup" adds flavor to adult pop!

The star mark that is the icon of "Converse". The new ``All Star Cup'' is boldly decorated with a design that everyone knows, and is truly impressive. These are a pair of shoes that give off a sense of lightness while also giving off a great character.

Speaking of "Converse", it is the representative sneaker brand that cannot be pushed. The icon is the star mark, and ``Leon Buy'' is full of sneakers that are boldly decorated with the star mark and have a high character effect.

The ``All Star Cup'' series, which uses a dressy cup sole, is a gem that is perfect for adults who are nimble on their feet. The upper is made of metallic silver leather, making it an excellent item that can be worn as if it were a white sunglasses shoe, but can be differentiated in a rich way. The trio stars on the sides are also in the same color, making an exquisite statement.

This "All Star Kup Courbet" is a modern and active update of such a classic. The large, round, voluminous sole adds a modern look and completes a modern look. Also, because of the monotone coloring, you can wear it with a pop but still mature look. Bold and pop sneakers are sure to show off that you are enjoying fashion at first glance.