Rivola's knit cardigan is packed with everything adults want.

Elegant, rich, comfortable, differentiated... This is a necessary condition for a popular old man, and I'm sure your brothers want it too. On the other hand, with Rivola's knit cardigan, you can get all of these elements at once.

There are many conditions that are required of a popular old man. It's classy, ​​it's rich, it's comfortable, it's different from the others... So, Rivola's knit cardigan successfully covers all of these elements.

This item features a collar on the front buttons and an elegant shirt-like appearance. The moderately thick tuck-knit fabric is made from Japanese linen silk, Rivola's standard summer material. The dry touch makes it comfortable for the upcoming season, and it also has a subtle silky sheen, so it's perfect for richness.

A key point of the design is the color line on the lower front. The casual playfulness that can be glimpsed when the buttons are unbuttoned gives off a sense of style despite its adult appearance. Furthermore, attention to detail has been paid to the use of the water button. A fresh wardrobe that is different from a typical cardigan and also different from a retro polo. This makes it easy to coordinate while also making it easy to differentiate.