You can choose as many ``Belle Époque'' by Damiani, the icon of the popular old man, as you like!

``Belle Epoque'' by ``Damiani'' is a classic jewelry for popular old men. LEON's extremely popular products are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes at ``Available LEON''. You can choose as many as you want, so please take a look.

Damiani is a high jeweler founded in Valenza, Italy, which is the center of a region where goldsmithing is popular. All pieces are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and the bold yet delicate jewelry is extremely popular at LEON. Among them, the necklace from the ``Belle Epoque'' collection is supported as the brand's flagship model.

It has an iconic look with a cross motif covered with precious stones, but what is particularly noteworthy is this double structure. By fitting the cross into the cross frame, it sways delicately and creates an even more dazzling chest. The crosses can also be removed and used individually. Furthermore, you can freely combine items of the same size to create your own Belle Époque.

The ``Belle Epoque'' necklace is also appealing because of its versatility, which goes well with any outfit. In fact, our Girolamo is one of our favorite users, and he loves it so much that he wears it all the time. ``LEON'' offers a wide variety of products that can be called the icons of popular old men. In addition to the standard collection of 3G (white gold, yellow gold, pink gold) and diamonds, we have an overwhelming lineup of materials and sizes, including the overwhelmingly outstanding rainbow and elegant blue gradation. LEON's final answer is that it's a waste if you don't buy it because it will always add a touch of glamor to your everyday outfit.

* DAMIANI Bell introduced below epoch iceberg The necklace is different from the product introduced in this content. Please check the product page carefully before purchasing.

【サイズ未登録】ベル エポック・アイスバーグ ネックレスBelle Epoque Iceberg Necklace
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Belle Epoque Iceberg Necklace

belle époque necklacebelle époque necklace


belle époque necklace