Become popular with the reborn “LEON you can buy” ♥

This spring, “Available LEON” has been reborn with further content expansion and a wider product lineup. As one of the featured projects, we created the first LEON book-in-book that can be purchased in the June issue of LEON! So, we started selling all the gems we had collected for this special occasion all at once. We at LEON carefully select only items from all over the world that we think are really good, transcending the boundaries of genres, including dresses, sports, and fashion, so please feel free to shop with us!

The suppleness you want right now by choosing the key points There's nothing wrong with being a serious old man. The old man who is always full of pheromones is also the best. However, LEON believes that the charm of a man in this day and age oozes out from his suppleness. In terms of fashion, it is a style that combines neatness and softness. Here are special items carefully selected by ``LEON that can be purchased'' that can casually and richly decorate such important places. Please create a supple and lustrous look.

It's a good idea to update the basics a little.Here , we will introduce 6 items recommended by ``LEON'' as items for this spring and summer. Get familiar with it as a popular item that can be used regularly and when you want to get rid of bunin!

We carefully select items that will make you popular in spring and summer!
When it comes to classics, we tend to get complacent with the word itself, but what we should choose is based on the atmosphere of the time, and what classics should be. In other words, update your classic items and have fun! With this in mind, we would like to introduce new standard items all at once. If you like the bargains that are easy to buy but have a feeling of understanding, be sure to grab them.

Click here for the Iron-plated Wardrobe Vol. 2, which is half a step ahead of the curve.The spring/summer proposals from LEON that you can buy are still on the rise.