[LEON special order] Transform!? “KAKE” power jewelry

Accessories are important in order to look stylish, and jewelry can add the richness and sexiness that older men especially need. This time, we would like to introduce you to a special item made by LEON from KAKE. Rare details shine.

Jewelry that adds richness and sexiness to an old man's outfit. Especially now that clothes are lighter, this is a must-have item. So, LEON made a special order to KAKE, an up-and-coming jeweler from Japan, and created a masterpiece that is sure to differentiate itself.

That is this necklace. It's actually a set of 3 types of bracelets that can be strung together to be used as a necklace. The combination is black rutile, which is said to have a healing effect and is strong against competitive luck, Akoya pearls, which are said to purify negative emotions, and silver, which brings out the energy of power stones to the maximum, all of which increase motivation. Pick up materials that will lift your spirits.

In addition, each connecting part is decorated with diamonds specially ordered by LEON, making it even richer. You won't want to miss the great value of being able to use it as a bracelet or necklace. This rare transforming jewelry is perfect for sharing with your partner.

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