The definitive edition of Larco Baleno's popular smart wallet!

In recent years, compact size has become a big trend in wallets. "Larco Baleno" can be said to be the pioneer, but this time LEON custom-made a crocodile x camouflage pattern. Although it is small, it has an overwhelming presence and is sure to be useful.

Compact mini wallets are now available from many brands. Larcobaleno, the company behind this idea, offers a wide variety of mini wallets, including designs, materials, and colors. Among them, LEON has specially ordered a special item that stands out.

The model that symbolizes the brand has been made with crocodile leather and camouflage pattern, and is completely handmade in Italy. Of course, the storage capacity is outstanding. Despite being so compact, it is equipped with four card pockets in addition to a coin purse and bill compartment. Not only is it small, but it is also made with consideration for functionality and peace of mind.

The back side is all camouflage patterned and has a great impact. Although it is small, it has an impressive presence, and although it is compact, it is easy to use and has excellent functionality. Hats off to you for the wonderful combination of appearance and function.

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