Sparkling accessories that add rich color to key areas

Accessories come in handy during seasons when outfits become lighter, and this time we have selected items that can add a sparkling effect. From updated models of that watch to luxury icons, we have a wide selection of unique items that can differentiate you.

G-Shock's "GMW-B5000" has gold specifications and can be differentiated.

This is the ``GMW-B5000,'' which is a full metal specification based on the first model ``DW-5000C.'' The presence of gold on the arms makes it a perfect match with summer short-sleeved shirts and T-shirts, and it is a mature piece with an unexpected twist. It also has excellent features such as shock-resistant construction, solar charging, and interlocking with a dedicated app.

"Miramore" chain necklace with different materials

``Miramore'', which uses Japanese craftsmanship to create a relaxed, new rich mood cultivated in NYC, is now available for purchase at LEON for the first time. The brand's icon, the duo chain, is a combination of two different chains: yellow gold and white gold. They have unique features that effortlessly emphasize their individual characteristics. The attention to detail, such as the original clasp, is also impressive.

If you're looking for a rich old man icon, "Fred" is your favorite.

Fred's Force 10 collection is the ultimate luxury icon with a marine atmosphere. Pendant tops, bracelets, and rings decorated with gradation diamonds are easy to match, and can be said to be jewelry that has an outstanding presence.