A comfortable spring/summer jacket that exudes light elegance.

If you want to add some elegance to your casual spring/summer outfit... then you should update your light jacket. Wear it over a T-shirt or polo shirt to instantly add a touch of elegance and elegance.

If you want a supple and elegant jacket, we recommend G Zegna.

A spring/summer jacket made from the brand's proprietary "Tech Merino", which is ultra-lightweight and highly functional. Combining Zegna's signature tailoring techniques and high-tech fabrics, this piece has the elegance and ease of being the pinnacle of the casual jackets we want today.

A Paoloni check jacket that feels like a cardigan.

The tasteful blue and white checkered pattern is very refreshing and cool. Even though it is made of jersey material with plenty of stretch, it is amazing how it maintains this tight feel. It's comfortable to wear like a cardigan, so please wear it elegantly.

[LEON special order] The best white jacket made with "De Petrillo"

This white jacket was custom-made with De Petrillo, a master of easy jackets in Naples. Based on the classic 2B model ``Anna Capri'', we have added gray metal buttons to create a tasteful piece. The white jacket, which is not pure white but has a slight gray nuance, is an elegant and easy-to-wear jacket that is sure to differentiate you.