“Amphibious” “Macchia Jay” sea bread

Shorts are perfect for the upcoming season, and are a great item that add an open mood to your outfit. The one that arrived from Macchia Jay has a flashy pattern, but it's actually sea bread. This piece of clothing gives off an urban feel, and can be described as an excellent item that can be worn both on land and on water.

``Macchia Jay'', which was born in West Hollywood, is based in Bologna, Italy, so it has a perfect mix of American free atmosphere and Italian playfulness, and has items that are exactly to LEON's taste. . These shorts are no exception, and are a must-have item this summer.

This is because these are actually swim shorts, or sea shorts. The flashy pattern with a summer-like open feel really catches the eye, and it also creates an urban mood that would be a waste to wear just by the water. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear it as street wear. You can create an iconic and light urban look.

In addition, the brand icon star motif logo is also featured on the left hem, creating a subtle yet impressive accent. ``LEON available for purchase'' offers a lineup with a selection of pattern variations. Why not buy one to remind yourself of the day when you can play to your heart's content by the water?