A combination chain of "Miramore" that didn't exist

"Miramore", which is attracting attention as a New York-based jeweler made in Japan, is now available in "LEON". Jewelry made with two types of chains of different materials and shapes is easy to wear and creates an iconic style.

Chain jewelry is currently a global trend. Because it's simple, it goes well with any outfit, and it instantly adds a rich atmosphere, so I'd definitely recommend people to try it out. In particular, we highly recommend the products from Miramore, a New York-based jeweler made in Japan, as they are easy to differentiate.

``Available LEON'' sells necklaces and bracelets, with a wide variety of materials and designs. The design, which combines different materials, is especially unique. It's a combination of yellow gold and white gold, each with a different design, so you can wear it without worrying about color matching with other jewelry or watches, making it very easy to wear. The use of precious metals also makes it suitable for adults, giving it a rich feel.

In addition, the clasp, inspired by an antique pocket watch, is decorated with diamonds, giving a strong sense of attention to detail. A popular old man needs to differentiate himself when adopting trends, and with this product, he can easily do that. In this coming season when jewelry stands out, stand out from the crowd with Miramore chain jewelry.

Classic Duo Chain II 62cmClassic Duo Chain II 62cm


Classic Duo Chain II 62cm