In the summer, old men are good at differentiating themselves!

In this coming season, when people tend to wear simple outfits, old men who look brighter are good at differentiating themselves. So this time, we will be introducing some of the new products from LEON that you can buy that will easily make you look stylish!

Recommendation Edition <br>Firstly, in the first half, we will introduce various items such as shirts, pants, and accessories that will help you differentiate yourself from those around you. You can definitely elevate your everyday look by adding just one item, so please try it out. Of course, you can also purchase coordinating items, so don't miss out!

Summer Item Edition <br>The second half starts here! We have picked up ``summer black'' items that will stand out in a rich, modern, and mischievous way even in the upcoming season of light clothing. They are all items that you can enjoy immediately from the day they arrive, so if you are interested, please pick them up right away.