Today's modern "monochrome T-shirt"

A basic piece for adults is definitely black or white! So, we have carefully selected the ``monochrome T-shirts'' that we would like old men to wear right now. The monochrome border from the knit brand that was a huge seller last year is also now in stock.

John's Medley striped knit with a relaxed feel

John Smedley's classic Basque shirt is a classic LEON item that was a huge hit last year. This season, choose an urban and chic border. This piece is woven with a moderate volume of 24 gauge and has a relaxed silhouette for adults that covers your body shape.

Following the best white T-shirt, the best black T-shirt made by "MX"

This MX Pocket T is made with a tailoring style that gives a muscular look around the shoulders and arms, while still giving a slim look around the stomach. While it looks muscular, the material is a blend of hand-picked Suvin cotton and Giza cotton, making it thick yet very soft ❤︎ Following the popular white T-shirt, this black T-shirt is sure to become the best standard. Probably.

If you want a casual and modern white T-shirt, we recommend Rivola.

The extra-long cotton contains oil and has a very smooth and silky feel. The thick double jersey fabric gives it a firm impression and a sharp silhouette, giving it a very urban feel. It can be said to be a clean piece for adults that looks great when worn alone or with a jacket.

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Bespoke round neck T-shirtBespoke round neck T-shirt
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