Popular summer character T-shirt

A T-shirt is an item that expresses the kind of person you are. Your hobbies and preferences will come out. In order to make the most of the differences between these characters and enjoy them to the fullest, we would like to introduce these three pictures. All of them are very unique and will make you feel like you're out of business.

A special order of LEON with unexpected mischievous specifications for "Boy London"!

The boy has now become a mature man...so here is a completely custom-made LEON that has changed the brand's "BOY" to "MAN"! It's full of character and mischievousness, such as the brand logo and purple glitter.

If you are looking for sporty and clean look, "Herno" has a Shaka T-shirt on the chest.

Pocket T-shirts can become so modern if you can make a "Helno" even with a pocket T-shirt. By switching the chest area to a shimmery material all around, it gives it a sporty look. You could call it a pocket T-shirt for adults with a design unique to the brand.

Concho T from Stevenson Overalls exudes masculinity

This is a revival of the henley neck with concho buttons that sold out as soon as it was released. The concho on the chest on the thick cotton body is the perfect accent. If you're looking for a tough summer buddy T-shirt that will make you look even better on its own, this is it.