Rich accessories that add luster to the summer

The appeal of accessories is that just by adding one item to your usual outfit, you can add a touch of luster. This time, we will introduce two brands that exude sex appeal on the chest and arms. Make your summer styling rich and differentiated with this gem.

Show off your charm this summer with Miramore chain jewelry

"Miramore" chain jewelry, which combines different gold materials and chains of different shapes, is a great favorite for a rich summer companion. It has an outstanding presence when worn alone, and you can also layer it with different lengths.

A fashionable “KAKE” necklace with an unexpected combination

KAKE's necklace, which combines jade, silver chain, and Roman coin replicas, has a strong yet chic feel. The great thing about this gem is that the clasp is easy to put on and take off with one touch.

[LEON special order] Necklace[LEON special order] Necklace


[LEON special order] Necklace

Classic Duo Chain II 62cmClassic Duo Chain II 62cm


Classic Duo Chain II 62cm

[LEON special order] Bracelet[LEON special order] Bracelet


[LEON special order] Bracelet