Adult shorts for easy viewing

Shorts are a special part of your wardrobe that gives you a sense of freedom only available in summer. That's why we want to differentiate ourselves from young people. We have carefully selected shorts that give off a rich yet naughty old man's class feel, so please enjoy them.

"No Love" is short pants that exude adult elegance.

Boasting a silhouette derived from Italian trousers, these are perfect for those who want a classy look. The dry-touch cotton material is finished with a beautiful pattern, making these shorts fun and flattering.

Enjoy a tasteful adult holiday with Remi Relief's comfortable shorts.

These cargo pants are recommended for any occasion, such as going shopping nearby or going to a cafe. These comfortable shorts have large pockets, a vintage feel, and a relaxed silhouette that will make your legs look beautiful.

Resorty and liberating “Macchia Jay” patterned shorts

Flashy shorts with an all-over pattern are perfect for enjoying the summer mood to the fullest. This is actually swimwear, and with this coordination it can be used on both land and water! You can enjoy it. We also have a wide variety of patterns available, so be sure to choose your favorite!