Make your summer stand out with “patterned shirts”

Be as open and mischievous as you can with a patterned shirt. Yes, such a piece will differentiate your outfit. Get extra naughty with these patterned shirts from 3 different brands.

A ready-made bandana shirt that gives you a special street feel.

This "readymade" masterpiece is a collection of American-made vintage bandanas and reassembled into shirts. The loose fitting and the lightness of the material make it extremely comfortable to wear. The smiley face on the arm gives it a cute look.

"Caliban" all-over pattern shirt has an elegant and rich look

As a brand that knows Italian tailoring, the silhouette is very elegant and smart. The retro-chic all-over pattern exudes a sense of playfulness and elegance. It can be said to be a piece for old men who want a classy look.

Kiryu Kiryu's monochrome leopard is perfect for naughty urbanites.

Leopard can also look chic and urban if finished in monochrome. This piece has a smooth texture that makes it easy to wear, and the loose silhouette makes it extremely comfortable to wear. You can wear it with a black T-shirt or slacks for a mature look, but you can also pair it with pants of the same fabric for a naughty look! That's one move.

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