3 selections of “Rakupan” that are popular and perfect

Having fun and looking great is the main premise for popular coordination. This time, we have a lineup of comfortable and flattering pants, from Italian trousers masters to denim masters.

If you're looking for a laid-back, easy-going song, "Bell Witch" is perfect.

Among Italian slacks, the appeal of the Bell Witch is that it skillfully combines classic and fashion. And this ``Scotch'' is the best slacks, with a loose waist and tapered line that is beautiful and comfortable.

Cool and light "Replay" black denim

Is summer denim too hot? No, that's a long time ago. Replay's ultra-lightweight series "X-LITE" is literally lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, it is made with a super stretch fabric called Hyperflex, so it is extremely comfortable! It's a summer item that looks cool and feels light to wear.

If you want comfortable pants with a denim look, check out ReSound Clothing jersey jeans.

The brand's new standard ``Jersey Jeans'' look like vintage denim, but are actually jersey. The realistic repair marks and taste are made of denim, and the comfort of jersey is a different dimension, making it a perfect companion that can be matched with any combination.

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